Kobe Bryant Orders - 01/26/2020

Statement about orders placed on 01/26/2020


Sunday, January 26th was not a good day.  Kobe Bryant was an important figure in our industry, in the sports we love, and in the very community we live.

Let us first summarize how our software mechanic works to provide more buyers an explanation of how things work behind the scenes.  We use a third-party provider that stores all our items.  These items are then sent out to our various marketplace that we are approved to sell on.  As items sell, they are adjusted/removed as needed from the other marketplaces automatically. Due to the limitations of the websites and providers, this can take up to 20 minutes to do on a regular basis, and it sometimes limited to just a few updates each minute so as to not overload and service or provider.  This delay normally has very little effect or issues on other orders.

During a short time period between 11:45AM and 12:15PM on 01/26/2020, we received over 200 orders for various Kobe items – a pace we have never seen before and hopefully will never see again.  Our actual inventory of Kobe items was 158.  Our system could not adjust items fast enough.  Many items, sadly, sold on more than one platform within minutes – sometimes seconds. 

This left us in a difficult and disappointing position – for both us and more importantly, dozens of customers.

Having faced similar events in the past (passing of Stan Lee and Adam West), the policy that we came up with was simple – download the entire order records from all the websites, and then identify the first order(s) placed on the items affected.  It is the only fair way to do it.

This is exactly what we did over many hours of manual labor, we were able to direct all of our items to those orders that were placed first, and we made contact with each and every person who was not able to get the item they were hoping to receive.  We take great pride in our customer service, and one of the hardest emails we ever have to send out is to tell a customer that they aren’t getting what they were expecting and waiting for.

If you were a customer who did not get an item – please understand that we had to make tough calls but we did so from the standpoint of fairness.  We shipped all our items out – almost all of them within 36 hours.  We are sorry you did not get what you were expecting, but we hope you can understand that this event was just so impactful that there was nothing we can do to avoid it.  We understand other sellers have had similar issues as well, and I would reserve judgement until their explanation is made available.

Also please understand that all of us here at Cardboard Legends grew up watching Kobe Bryant.  We were just as shocked and saddened by his death than those seeking their items.  It was one of the most chaotic yet somber day in the history of our business.

We thank you for your business, we do thank the countless people who have contacted us and thanked us for both providing their orders, or explaining the reason they were left out.  We will do better to ensure this doesn’t happen again.


The Team at Cardboard Legends