Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve placed my order? What happens now?

Once we’ve received your order information, we will process and pack your item for shipping. You will be notified when your item is shipped and the method used, and any tracking information will also be included.

I want the exact item in the picture? Why can’t I have that specific item?

Since we purchase in bulk amounts and conduct many player signings ourselves, it is not feasible to photograph and list each specific item individually. Items with specific flaws (smears, discoloring, etc.) will not be included unless specified. There may be some differences in the placement and quality of the autograph on the item, which is why we don’t photograph what we consider our best examples. We want you to be pleasantly surprised with your item - not disappointed.

Is this autograph authentic? How can I be certain?

We work with the leaders in the industry to provide the highest quality items on the market. The majority of our items are acquired and signed directly by the athlete in question. We certify our items through either PSA/DNA or Global Authentication, or provide certificates/holograms through our partners at Hall of Fame Sports. If any item you purchased from us at ANY TIME doesn’t pass an authentication process you pursue, we will refund your purchase price. Counterfeit items do not belong in our business, and we appreciate everything our customers can do to help us eliminate them.

For more information about Autograph Authentication, please visit the “Authentications” page.

What size is this item? Is it an Authentic item or a Replica item?

Most of this information will be included in the description. Most jerseys that we have signed are designed for collection and displaying, not for personal wear. Authentic jerseys, while sometimes available, add significant costs to autograph pieces. Please verify the details of the item you are purchasing before submitting your order. Sizes are usually standard – Large or XL. Authentic player items, generally, are acquired at the size the player in question would wear.

How do I know the boxes haven’t been searched?

Our wax boxes come from shuffled, sealed cases of products as provided by wholesalers and manufacturers. We believe that if our customers pull great cards they will come back for more. Our goal is to put these cards in the hands of collectors. That’s why every box we sell is equal to any other box of that product that leaves our shop.

I ordered an item, but now you say it’s not available? What happened?

Our business is spread over two segments – retail and online. We also have several avenues in the online world. There will be rare times where an item that we do not have large quantities of may sell in our store or another online transaction before we are able to correct our website inventory. Obviously, any time this happens, buyers will receive a full refund of their purchase price.

What is the best way to display/preserve my item?

There are infinite ways to preserve your collection, depending on what it includes. Keeping your item out of long-term direct light, especially sunlight, will provide you with years of investment and enjoyment. Here are some tips for the most commonly sold items:

Baseballs – should be stored in a UV protected baseball cube and kept in a dark place.

Cards – can be encapsulated in top loaders or magnetic holders, or for display in PVC-free 9 pocket binder sheets.

Basketballs/Footballs – secured in either a protective cube or display case.

Jerseys – Framing is preferable. Unframed jerseys can be kept in a dark closet or neatly folded in a large zipper-sealed bag.

Bats – can be inserted into tubes designed for protecting, or can be displayed in custom designed display cases.

Photos – Framing is preferable. Smaller photos can be kept in custom-sized PVC-free binder pages, or plastic top-loaders. 16 X 20 and larger photos should be framed for best effect.