Autograph spots for both Sandy Koufax and Clayton Kershaw have been SOLD OUT.  We are currently establishing a small wait list that we will use in the event that original order does not get completed.

Please email to be placed on that list.

Please scroll down to view our updated Frequently Asked Questions about the Sandy Koufax/Clayton Kershaw 2022 Private Event.

For event info, please email us at

or call the store at (818)342-8948

Monday through Saturday 11AM to 5PM PST






Sandy Koufax/Clayton Kershaw

2022 Private Signing

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When do I need to drop off my item?

A: Items must be dropped off at our store and paid in full on or before June, 9th, 2021 at 5PM. Our address:

Cardboard Legends
17218 Saticoy St. 
Van Nuys, CA 91406 


Q: Who provides the item to be signed?

A: Items must be provided by the customer. We are not providing any items to be signed. We will deliver your item to the signing event and return it to the store until you come in and pick it up once completed.


Q: Can I request/provide a specific pen type or signature location?

A: We will make every attempt to customize the item as to your request, although we cannot guarantee all requests will be granted. Please discuss with us during item drop-off to ensure you are comfortable with these terms.


Q: What kind of inscriptions can I request?

A: All inscriptions must be 3 words or less, and must be approved prior to the event.


Q: Will there be authentication provided for the event?

A: Beckett Authentication will be present for the signing, and will provide certification of your autograph for $15.


Q: Where will the authentication sticker be placed on my item?

A: Sticker will be place where Beckett Authenticator suggests, although we will take requests into consideration if you have a specific need.


Q: Are there any items that I cannot get signed?

A: A list has been provided on the front of specific items that are not available to be signed, but we reserve the right to deny any items on a case-by-case basis. We will verify the eligibility of the item upon drop-off. No artwork will be accepted for either athlete.


Q: When will my item be available for pick-up?

A: We will work diligently to ensure your items are returned promptly after the signing, hopefully within 2-3 days at the latest. Unfortunately, we do not have a confirmed final date that the signing will take place, but we will know more as we get closer. It is expected to have all items returned by 07/15/2022 at the latest.


Q: Am I guaranteed a quality signature?

A: Mr. Koufax and Mr. Kershaw usually provides high quality signatures, but rarely issues happen. We cannot guarantee that there might not be a flaw in any given signature, especially for more difficult items like Bobbleheads and other uneven surfaces. Please discuss with us prior to the event with your individual concerns.